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Not working for iphone 7 Plus






Вылетает на старте первой мисси на 7 plus. Русский язык бы кще

Boots me back to iOS app screen

I downloaded this game, I had high expectations but I was let down. When I go to play the game and asks to show goals for Marty when I pick whether I want them or not it boots me back to iOS app screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I restarted my device and still same outcome. Please fix.


BTTFのゲームがiOSデバイスで手軽に出来るなんて…なんてヘビーなんだ! ほぼフルボイスで、バグもなく優良ゲームです。割と簡単な英語なので初見でもプレイしやすいと思います。 ただ、下記点だけが不満です。ここ最近アップデートされてないようですが、対応お願いします。 ・DLCのダウンロードがwifi環境によっては?途中でエラーによって全くできないことがありました。(DLC download is unstable.Is it a server problem?) ・iOS10に対応していないため?かiFunboxなどでセーブデータのバックアップがとれない。iCloudにバックアップするよう出来ないでしょうか。(Please support to iOS10.&I want to back up savedata to iCloud.)

Cant download episodes

Yes I read other peoples ideas on how to do this. I have an iPhone 6 in the furthest Ive gotten to download is 20%. That is total BS from a company that usually makes quality products. FIX IT!!!!


こんなゲームがあったとは... 楽しすぎます! 出来れば日本語字幕を追加して欲しいな...w

Telltale the liars and thieves - game is broken and cant download episodes 2-5

1 star....cant even download the other episodes now after resetting my itouch 6 and Ive tried for hours - waiting for the download percentage to move or re-trying to download after restarting the app...oh and before some smart ads says something, I have turbo high speed internet...NOTHING works though, and of course telltale refuses to fix the problem or answer my emails...and Apple says Ive had the game too long for a refund...but make no mistake, this is telltales fault as always...they dont care about their customers once they have your money. Telltale seriously needs to update this game.

Con artist!

I used to have this game and I had almost all the episodes but I deleted it and later redownloaded and all my purchased episodes were deleted and I have repurchased them

Downloading problem

Не качает эпизоды. Зависает на 2-3%.

Un omaggio hai fun/ a great reward for the fun

Ho comprato e finito tutti gli episodi; questo non è proprio un gioco in quanto non vi è difficoltà a completare le varie fasi, ma i dialoghi la storia e la scorrevolezza permettono ai fun più nostalgici di rivivere le magie di un film che ha fatto la storia degli anni 90. I have bought and finished all 5 episodes; this isnt a real game cause there is no challenge to go through the different part of the game, however the dialogue, the storyline allowed all the nostalgic fans to live again the epic adventure of a movie that made the difference in the 90s ..god I love back to the future.. thanks a lot to the developer and I hope there are gonna be other new stories

Star Wars

Please make a Star Wars game


I bought the level pack and the 2nd episode will not download past 2%. Complete rip off

Well that was annoying and fruitless

Took me 20x to download all episodes.. none of them open. The first episode asks if I want notifications for goals. YES: Crashes. NO: Crashes. Quit app in iOS. Reboot. Nothing but crashes. I played the ep1 a few years ago and liked it, and thought Id try the others - should have spent my time doing something else.

Constant crashing

The reviews seems good from past players, but the current version crashes every single time on my iPhone 7 plus. Cant event begin a new game. Will update review if I can actually play the darned thing.

Wont Download

Paid for the bundle, but wont download, feel ripped off.

Wont work on iPad pro

Would be a 5, but wont work on my iPad Pro, pleas refund me or a voucher for a different game please. I wrote my 1st review a while ago and also sent a email. May I please get a refund or a different game plz. Or fix this game cause I love it.

Wont download

I purchased the bundle of episodes 2-5 for $9.99... No matter what wifi I was connected to (and they all work efficiently) the downloading was never successful! Dont purchase the app! Cant even get a refund.

A True homage

Seriously well done, and respectful to the trilogy! Thank you for making this game!!

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