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Bof bof

Long a téléchargé


Il nest pas en français ?

Sous titre Français

Jai envoyé un mail à TelltaleGame au sujet dun éventuelle retour des sous titre Fr... Voici leurs réponse: ==== REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE ==== Dear, A reply has been made to your ticket. Below are the ticket details. --------------------------- Hi, Unfortunately, we are not currently planning to add French language to the Back to the Future universal application. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, Matt

Not working

I love this game, I have it on Mac and even bought it again for the iPad (during the last sale, right before TellTale announced THIS version). Anyway, I just downloaded this one for the iPhone, but I dont get past the splash screen, it throws me back to my home screen. Ive even deleted and reinstalled the app. Im on iPhone 4. EDIT: Never mind… I reseted the phone and everything is working fine now. :)

Excellent game!!! I liked it!!

I liked and recommend this game!! You need to play it!!

No legal

Mó legal quase chego perto do the walking dead



The game its closing

I cant play this game, because its closing.

Episodes 2-5 can not be downloaded

Its a great adventure game but momentarily episodes 2-5 can not be downloaded from the homescreen of the game. Please fix this as soon as possible.


I always read reviews before I buy anything. I did the same for this game. Everyone says this game was way above there expectation and how its so great. I couldnt believe it was all that great. But I bought it anyways. I am simply amazed by the game. Story line is different. But still great. In a way Im glad its different. S u still have to use ur head a bit. All Im saying is that u wont stop at the first episode. U will buy all 5. Heading to the second one now. Enjoy.

Very fun

Great game and a must have for fans of the movies. Its very much like getting another movie in the series.

Good game,

I wouldnt buy the episodes because I finished the first one in a day. But I would buy the rest for under 4$

Back to being PG!

Why did you have to include the filthy language for this game??


Great game, but the bugs and choppyness really take away from it.


It is a good game but at one point in the middle of the game it gets confusing because in the soup kitchen You have 4 hints , and in outside you have 3 hints

So so

Slow moving an pretty tedious game play.


I cant play the game because when ever i play it crash pls fix


The game doesnt work for me! It shows a picture and then shuts itself down!! :(

Excellent game!

There need to be more games like this - great writing, gameplay, and aesthetics!

Mike 150

Hello the game is good but not the garphics but who cares right its good iam a pad person so I get no problems rock on

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